Duo appointment

Very few things excite me as much as exploring intimacy with a woman. To be able share that feeling with a man is nothing short of perfect. I have selected two “special friends” who share my passion. I picked them because we have personal and professionnal affinities.

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Milla is a very feminine, gentle, affectionate, self-confident and easy-going woman who immediately puts you at ease. Her captivating eyes and her communicative smile are her best assets!

In all sensuality and authenticity, you will be seduced by her intelligence as well as her beauty, interior and exterior! She is an elite companion.


Two women of experience together... It's indescribable! Our unique duo will leave its mark engraved in your memory...

1h00  -  900$

1h30  -  1300$

2h00  -  1600$
3h00  -  2300$


Vicky's nature is easy going, genuine, tender, playful and silly. She is known to uplift others and she will put you at ease quickly when we meet. Chemistry is made when we can be ourselves, isn't it true? 

Two mature women motivated to satisfy you ... you will not be able to resist! Our unique duo will satisfy your desires for authenticity, seduction and mutual attraction ...

1h00  -  800$

1h30  -  1000$

2h00  -  1200$

3h00  -  1600$