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On Tour

Ottawa - November 19, 4pm to November 22, 11am


I am very pleased to finally plan a visit to Ottawa! This kind of opportunity is very rare for me, due to my personal and professional commitments and responsibilities.


I am delighted to be able to visit this beautiful city, and if it goes well, I would probably want to try again in 2024 in Ottawa, and maybe even elsewhere in Canada.

I rent a small apartment in downtown Ottawa to receive you.

Do not hesitate to email me directly to book an appointment! First come first served, but longer durations will be prioritized. Here is the information I need:

  • Short description of who you are and your expectations

  • Date

  • Time

  • Duration

  • Location (if not incall, mention which hotel)

  • Reference of another provider (optional but highly considered)

  • Preferred method for deposit

Tour donations - incall or outcall



Brief Escape  1h00 - 500$

Whether it's for a little outing on the sly, an afternoon break, or a naughty short date. A meeting where we go straight to the point in all simplicitiy.

Moment of Lust  1h30 - 600$

The ideal duration for tight schedules without feeling rushed. To have time to chat and get to know each other, without having to rush the rest.

Sense and Sensuality  2h00 - 800$

A meeting that allows you to surrender and connect to each other without restraint. The perfect balance between body, heart and mind. To talk and seduce each other, to have a drink perhaps, before slipping under the duvet.

Extended Intoxication  2h30 - 900$

Take the time to live the present moment, the praise of slowness, the pleasure of discovering ourselves at our own pace, between the sofa and the bed. For whom two hours passes too quickly, but three hours seems too long.

Voluptuousness of the Soul  3h00 - 1100$

Ecstasy. Have it all. Without looking at the time. In all simplicity. For those who want more time to chat, to seduce, to share a drink, a snack or a little massage.

Epicurian by Design  4h dinner date - 1300$

The pleasure of the senses! Desire first, gluttony after! Two hours of intimacy first, two hours socializing and eating at the restaurant of your choice after, at your own expense.

The Hungry Epicurian 5h dinner date - 1400$

To extend the pleasure of the senses! Desire first, gluttony after! Two hours of intimacy first, three hours socializing and eating at the restaurant of your choice after, at your own expense. Choose this duration for a distant restaurant, for a tasting menu or to take the time to chat longer.

  • When visiting, I am available to meet between 10am and 11pm (except arrival and departure days).
  • By accepting your appointment request, I make a commitment to you and decline other requests, if any. I therefore invite you to verify your availability, before requesting a meeting.
  • By advance reservation only.
  • Non-refundable deposit of 20%, ideally by PayPal, or otherwise by e-transfer at
  • If you cancel 24 hours or less before the appointment you lose your deposit.
  • My visit is confirmed on my end.
  • Unless otherwise notified due to cancellation, no last minute requests are possible. Which means no request for the same day.
  • The balance of meeting payment is in cash.
  • Note that the meeting is officially booked only when I have all the necessary information in hand, as well as the deposit.
  • Learn about the important details by visiting the page Etiquette.
  • When visiting, I meet mainly in incall, but also in outcall if the conditions are suitable.

  • You will have the exact address of my incall in the confirmation email the day before.

  • I do not meet my clients at their home. I believe it's always best to meet somewhere neutral and easy to get to.

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