Pandemic Etiquette

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Quebec is currently rampant.


Here are questions and answers regarding COVID-19, as well as the solutions proposed to meet with me, during the crisis until further notice.


The questions and answers come from the Quebec government website.


These temporary terms and conditions measures are in addition to my usual work label.

WHAT ARE THE MAIN SYMPTOMS ASSOCIATED WITH COVID-19? What are the proposed solutions?

The main symptoms of COVID-19 are as follows:

  • Fever
    • in children: 38°C (100.4°F) and above (rectal temperature),
    • in adults: 38°C (100.4°F) and above (oral temperature),
    • in older adults: 37.8°C (100°F) and above (oral temperature),
    • or 1.1°C above the person's usual value;
  • New or worse cough
  • Difficulty breathing


  • Sudden loss of smell without a stuffy nose, with or without loss of taste

The symptoms can be mild (similar to a cold) or more severe (such as those associated with pneumonia and respiratory or kidney failure).


If you have one or more of the symptoms mentioned, don't ask me to meet with you. Cancel free of charge, if the appointment is already scheduled.

For my part, if I ever develop one of the symptoms, I will not meet for 14 days.

HOW IS COVID-19 SPREAD? What are the proposed solutions?

COVID-19 is most commonly spread by droplets expelled when a person who is sick coughes or sneezes. These droplets are projected a maximum distance of 2 metres and fall quickly.

Therefore, it is recommended that you follow these instructions:

  • maintain a distance of at least 2 metres (around 6 feet) from other people;
  • avoid all contact with a person who is infected;
  • wash your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.

By the very nature of an encounter, it is obviously impossible to reduce the risks if there is an intimate contact.

By booking an appointment, you therefore accept the risks. It's the same for me.

Applying the recommendations and restrictions as much as possible will help reduce the risk, but will not eliminate it. In this line of thoughts, I ask that each of us wash our hands adequately at all times, that we rinse our mouth / throat with an alcohol-based mouthwash just before the meeting and that we take a shower within one hour before the appointment.


The risk of serious complications for people with COVID-19 increases with age, but even young adults are at risk.

The risk of dying from serious respiratory complications (pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome) due to COVID-19 is especially high in:

  • people age 70 and older;
  • people who have a weakened immune system;
  • people who have a chronic disease; such as:
    • diabetes;
    • heart disease;
    • lung disease;
    • kidney disease.

Because of the high risks and the serious potential consequences, I choose not to meet people aged over 65 until further notice.

Also, if you have a vulnerable immune system, no matter what your age, or if you live with someone 65 years of age + or a vulnerable person of any age, I must refuse to meet with you.

I will count on your honesty, and it is your decision.


The risk of getting COVID-19 if you have contact with someone who does not have any symptoms is low.

However, many people who are infected have only mild symptoms. This is especially true in the early stages of the disease. For example, you can get COVID-19 if you have contact with someone who has only a mild cough but does not feel sick.

That’s why you are advised to keep at least 2 meters away from other people even if no one has symptoms.


By the very nature of an encounter, it is obviously impossible to reduce the risks if there is an intimate contact and the person is infected but asymptomatic.

By booking an appointment, you therefore accept the risks. It's the same for me. Applying the recommendations and restrictions as much as possible will help reduce the risk, but will not eliminate it.


Current evidence suggests that there is no risk of contracting COVID-19 from bodily fluids (blood, sweat, semen). The virus is spread by respiratory droplets when a person who is infected coughs or sneezes. COVID-19 is most commonly spread by:

  • close contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze;
  • touching infected surfaces with your hands and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes.

Regarding the low risk associated with sperm, I will not force on wearing condoms for oral sex. If you want to wear it for oral, it will be my pleasure to follow your preference.

However, my usual rules still apply: no CIM, no COF.

WHAT IS SOCIAL DISTANCING? What are the proposed solutions?

Physical distancing means keeping a certain distance from other people. Since COVID-19 is mainly spread by close contact with infected people, it is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of the disease.

To minimize close contact with other people who are infected, you must:

  • Stay at home as much as possible;
  • Avoid non-essential gatherings with people who do not live in your household (for example, dinner with friends);
  • Avoid physical contact with people who are most at risk of complications (older adults, people with chronic diseases or a weakened immune system);
  • If you must go out, stay at least 2 metres (around 6 feet) away from other people as much as possible.
PROPOSED SOLUTIONS : It is impossible to comply with this recommendation if there is a meeting. I therefore assume that you accept the risks not only in terms of health, but also the risks of going against regulation. The fines are steep for recalcitrants. If we are planning a meeting, we must be discreet, careful, confidential and respectful of our mutual protection to avoid this stress.

WHEN SHOULD I WASH MY HANDS? What are the proposed solutions?

As often as possible, but especially:

  • Before touching your face (eyes, mouth, nose);

  • After coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose;

  • After going to the bathroom;

  • When your hands are visibly dirty or after touching something dirty;

  • Before and after providing care to a family member or friend;

  • Before and after preparing meals;

  • Before and after eating;

  • Before and after going to a public place (for example, the grocery store or pharmacy).


As this measure is the most effective, (with social distancing that we cannot apply in the context of dating), hand washing will be highly valued.

Keep in mind that the intimate nature of a kiss can completely counteract this measure, since the droplets are contagious, so is the saliva also exchanged during a kiss.

DOES WEARING A FACE COVERING PROTECT COVID-19? What are the proposed solutions?

Wearing a face covering might reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID‑19 from an infected person who has few or no symptoms to other people.

There is no evidence that wearing a face covering in the community protects the wearer.

When you wear a face covering in public, you must also follow other safety measures, such as hygiene and physical distancing (2 meters) as often as possible.


Since the intimate closeness brought about by a kiss is probably the most risky in a dating situation, I recommend to those who would like it that I wear a face cover and that you wear one too.

Of course, if applicable, the kiss will be excluded.

Be informed that I will offer kissing and oral without protection like I always did. You can ask for protected oral and/or avoid cunnilingus.

I’M RETURNING FROM A TRIP. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? What are the proposed solutions?

Anyone returning from a stay outside Canada must self-isolate for 14 days. Such isolation covers both travelers who are sick or display symptoms and those who do not have symptoms and are in perfect health.


Because of the high risks and the serious potential consequences, I choose not to meet people who come back from travel within 14 days until further notice. I will count on your honesty.

HOW LONG CAN COVID-19 SURVIVE ON OBJECTS? What are the proposed solutions?

In general, coronaviruses (COVID-19) do not survive for long on objects. They can survive on surfaces for a few hours to several days. It mainly depends on the type of surface (for example, copper, cardboard, stainless steel, plastic), the temperature and ambient humidity.

According to findings from a recent experiment, the virus might be able to survive up to:

  • 4 hours on copper;
  • 24 hours on cardboard;
  • 48 hours (2 days) on stainless steel;
  • 72 hours (3 days) on plastic.

In order to reduce the risks, if you come to my incall, I will have disinfected the places before and after your visit. I added this to my to-do list during a meeting.

If you host me at your hotel or motel room, please check discreetly if you can have a visitor. Also, before I arrive, try to find a way to clean risky items I might touch, (door knock, bathroom light switch, toilet, faucets, etc.

I will always accept cash in preference for payment. However, exceptionally, I will also accept Interac e-transfers. In both cases, payment must be received no later than the start of the meeting. Otherwise there will be no meeting.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take last minute appointments?

Unfortunetaly, I cannot honor an appointment under 24h advance notice. I am a part-time student pilot and I live about 30 km from Downtown Montreal. So due to science, I cannot accept last-minute requests: I cannot teleport myself to you like in Star Strek. Or maybe because distance, daily life planning and traffic issues if you will. Spontaneous and impulsive last-minute requests asking stuff like "Are u available?" "Are you free now?" and beauties like "Hi" I won't even reply. Sorry man. Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Are you really 41 years-old?

Yes! I swear! I know I may look younger, it's only because I take good care of myself and I am petite. So, if you like petites... :o) You won't be disappointed! Best of both worlds: cute and young, but confident and mature!

Do you do incalls?

Yes. I have access to two apartments located Downtown Montreal. I pay by the hour or half-day. When you book an appointment, let me know that you would like to be booked incall. Incall donations includes the incall fee. You will be informed of the exact address the day before. The choice between the two is based on availability and your preference. The first one is located on Sainte-Catherine Street West, in the Atwater area, the second one is located on Wellington, in Griffintown. Parking is a bit difficult in both cases, I prefer the use of paid indoor parking for each of them. It is obviously easier to access by metro or taxi.

What are your limitations?

My service style is about the companionship and the experience of connection. All about authenticity and genuiness. So naturally my preference is GFE. However, I am not providing greek neither CIM. I am not offering any of the PSE services, and I am not offering BDSM services.

Do you smoke? Do you drink? Are you 420 friendly?

Nop, I am not a smoker, and actually, I prefer to kiss non-smokers (I have a sensitive nose). But hey, this is your decision, not mine. So I respect that. If you smoke, we are just going to kiss less. I am a light drinker, my favorites are red wine, champagne, and beer. But I am open to anything, I like to discover. I don't mind if you drink (before or while the appointment), but if you are drunk, this is a no-no. The laws are changing in Canada about 420 products! For years I was a user, but ironically, I have now quit. Talk about a good timing huh? lol Although, I am not against it and I am 420 friendly.

What do you like / what do you dislike?

I like :
Politeness, humor, cleanliness and good hygiene, organized and reliable people, passion, animality, fantasies, delicacy, seduction, nice conversations, massages, great food, good wine, bubbles, music, photography, traveling, dogs, philosophize, Netflix, online shopping, culinary experiences, adventure and novelty.
I dislike :
Someone who licks / kisses my face and ears, too intense or brutal DFK, someone who bites my nipples or my clitoris (!), brutality, no-show, time waisters, double-bookers, the cigarette smell and breath, more than one finger in my vagina, rectal penetration, the pressure of performance, infinite penetration, unrealistic expectations coming out of porn.

Can you make an exception?


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