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Please note that I cannot accept last minute appointments. Which means... no same day appointments. A 24 to 36 hour notice is required. It is even recommended to book 48h+ ahead, in order to secures your ideal date and time.



Within the last 18h to 36h before the appointment, I always email you for appointment confirmation. I expect you to reply the day before we meet, so please check your emails!  This is pretty much the last moment without a fee, to reschedule or cancel is necessary. No reply to my email the day before we meet, no appointment. It represents a cancellation on my end.



It's important you email me your room number at least 45-60 min before I arrive. I live North Shore of Montreal and it's about 40 km (about an hour drive) from Downtown Montreal, I leave home only when I know you are at our meeting spot, to avoid "no-show" and undesired delays waiting in town. South Shore hotels +20$ and onsite Montreal-Trudeau International Airport hotels: +$40.



Upon arrival at our meeting spot, please have the donation in plain sight (canadian cash money). We don’t want to waste any time on formalities!



If you need to reschedule or cancel, I do understand, life happens. Did you realize I do not request a booking deposit? Yes it's great! But please, be respectful and advise ASAP if you need to cancel or reschedule, so I can rearrange my schedule too.


However please be aware: if you never reply to my confirmation email the appointment is automatically cancelled, or after confirmation if you cancel below 12h, a 100$ cancelation fee applies, payable by Paypal or e-transfer at or via my GoFundMe. This fee represents compensation for the time I allocated to our meeting. It is not reusable for a future visit or transferable in any way.  


It goes without saying that adequate hygiene is expected on both sides. A shower in the moments preceding the meeting is obviously essential. 



My fees are based purely on companionship and time spent together. Encounters occur between two consenting adults. Closeness of any nature that may develop during the appointment would not, in any case, be related to the donation received.

Visit my FAQ to know more useful details!

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